CUBAN Silver Ring

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Material: Platinum-plated with cubic zirconia crystals

Jewelry reacts differently on EVERYONE. As everyone has different skin types and different levels of skin sensitivity - there is no way for us to determine the exact experience that each and every individual customer may have when buying the exact same product. For this reason, we recommend that ANY and ALL jewelry items (rings, necklace, bracelets - including sterling silver items) are taken proper care of using the following steps/recommendations:

  • DO NOT get the jewelry wet (ex. do not wash your hands while wearing the ring/bracelet - take the jewelry off and completely dry your hands then wear the jewelry again) 

  • PLEASE AVOID applying creams/lotions/hand sensitizer before wearing the jewelry (please wait until it is completely dried to wear the jewelry) 

  • DO NOT get any sort of lotions/perfumes/sprays on the jewelry (take off the jewelry when applying any lotions/creams/hand sensitizer/perfumes/sprays and let it completely dry off then wear the jewelry again) 

  • DO NOT excessively wear the jewelry to help avoid potential scratches or tarnishing or any CZ crystals from falling out (ex. do not wear the jewelry to bed, do not wear the jewelry while changing clothes) 

  • DO NOT wear the jewelry if you are likely to sweat (ex. while exercising) 

  • When not wearing the jewelry, place the jewelry in an air-tight packaging (ex. ziplock bag or air-tight containers)

In the event where the jewelry is leaving a slight tarnish on your skin (ex. ring leaving your skin blue/green after wearing it all day - which we do have a solution for this below as well).

This may be happening because of the following reasons:

  • You may have ordered the wrong size 
  • You may have applied lotion or creams while wearing the jewelry (ex. rings) 
  • You may have worn the jewelry under water (ex. washing your hands while wearing the ring) 
  • You may have gotten any sort of substance stated above on the jewelry causing the metals to dissolve and leave tarnishing 
  • You may simply just have sensitive skin that is reacting to the metal so we recommend that you please read the description related to the item which lists out the product's material. If there is any confusion whatsoever, please e-mail us the link of the product and we shall be able to break down the material content for you PRIOR to purchasing the product) 

IF THE RING REACTS and leaves a tarnish on your fingers - use the following steps to avoid it: 

  1. Remove the ring and clean it with a dry cloth
  2. Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to the inside of the ring